Update on Local Broadcaster Blackouts

Effective September 20, 2013, TWC and Journal Broadcasting have reached an agreement that will return the channels below to the TWC lineups.

Update on Local Broadcaster Blackouts

“We appreciate our customers’ patience and loyalty throughout the dispute,” said Andrew Rosenberg, SVP, Content Acquisition for Time Warner Cable. “As in all of our negotiations, we aim to hold down programming costs and retain our ability to deliver a great video experience for our customers.  We are glad that we were able to achieve both.”

Channel/call letters Area affected Digital channel # on digital STB or DTA HD channel # on digital STB Analog channel #
WGBA-NBC26 NORTHERN WI (all areas except Marinette/Cleveland) 13 1007 13
NORTHERN WI (Marinette) 10 1007 10
NORTHERN WI (Cleveland) 14 1014 14
WACY-MyTV NORTHERN WI (all areas) 83 n/a n/a
WTMJ-NBC4 SOUTHERN WI (Milwaukee only) 2 1004 14
SOUTHERN WI (Plymouth) 83 1004 7
SOUTHERN WI (Kenosha/Racine) 83 1004 20
KMTV-CBS LINCOLN NE (except Crete/Doane, David City, Fairbury, Lincoln, Seward, York) 99 1003 99



Q:  Why aren’t the channels coming back to their old numbers on the lineup?
We have worked with Journal to find appropriate slots on our channel lineups.  We are confident that our customers will be able to find their favorite programming, just as they have with past channel launches and changes.

Q:  Why aren’t all the channels coming back to the lineup?
We’re restoring the channels that deliver the most value to our customers.

Q:  Why did it take so long to get this deal done and the channels restored?
Every deal is different—remember that in the vast majority of negotiations, we reach agreement without customers even knowing about it. But we have resolved our issues and are pleased to return the Journal channels at as fair and reasonable a price as possible.

Q:  Was this really just about a half-cent per DAY, as Journal has claimed?
We won’t discuss specific deal terms. But even if it were just about one-half cent per day, that adds up faster than most people think.  If every one of the nearly 80 channels on our basic lineup asked for one-half cent more per day, that would be 40 cents per day times 30 days per month, or $12 extra each month for each customer.  That adds up to tens and hundreds of millions of dollars over several years, and it’s why we fight these battles—to do whatever is possible to keep prices as fair and reasonable as possible.

Q:  Will I be getting a credit for the time that these channels were blacked out?  According to Journal Broadcasting Group’s website, I am entitled to a credit for this blackout.
We regret that Journal’s blackout caused you any inconvenience.  However, we provided a preview of premium programming from Starz Kids & Family during this blackout, plus a free movie on demand or an Amazon gift card, and free antennas to those that chose to take them. All of that has a significant retail value and we won’t be providing any additional compensation.

Remember that CBS is carried as part of a programming package, and we typically do not adjust what customers pay for changes to the lineup—whether channels are added or removed.

Finally, the legal statutes that Journal referenced apply to a total loss of all services, not a temporary suspension of a single channel in a contract dispute.  We sincerely regret that you’ve apparently been misled into thinking you were due a credit under the law, but the law is clear.

Q:  Why are WACY-MyTV (Milwaukee) and WPSE-MyTV (Palm Springs) not available on my TV?
A:  These channels are now only available in digital format.

  • If you currently receive TWC service on that TV without a set-top box, you should follow the MENU or SETUP instructions, then SCAN for new digital channels.  You’ll find the channels on the numbers indicated in the table above
  • If your TV does not allow you to view these digital channels, you’ll need a digital set-top box or other digital equipment like a DTA–call customer service for more details.

Q:  Why are WGBA-D2 (Me TV), WTMJ-D2 (Storm Team), WTMJ-D3 (Live Well) no longer available?
A:  We have agreed with Journal to carry the channels that we believe deliver the most value to our customers.

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